Chapter 2 continued (6) The Girl Within

long I lay there.  Suddenly, I saw Chris coming toward me, holding Daniel in his arms.  “I’m sorry for scaring you,” he said.  “We’re fine.”
Relief flooded through me.  I reached out to grab them both but just as I started to touch Chris’ arm, a black entity swept in front of me and started to suck them away as if they were being pulled into a powerful vacuum force.  I could hear Daniel’s screams as I tried in vain to reach him.  Then flames devoured them both as I yelled.
I bolted upright off the bed-shaking all over.  I panted as I tried to breathe. 
“Elizabeth,” my mother called as she threw the blanket covering us both off from her body.  “Are you alright?”
“No,” I gasped.  My vision started to clear and I realized I’d been dreaming.  “Did they call?”  I asked urgently.
My mother looked troubled, “I didn’t hear anything.”  She quickly banished the worried look, “I probably just didn’t hear the phone.  Let’s find Emily.”
She took my hand and we walked to the next room.  The male agent was sitting on the bed.
“Did they call?”  I asked, but I could see the answer on his face before he even spoke.
“No, they haven’t made contact yet.  But it’s not a reason to worry-”
I cut him off with a motion of my hand.  I didn’t need to hear his platitudes.  I walked aimlessly toward my master bedroom and saw Emily sleeping there.  I quietly backed out of the room and then sat staring out the hallway window.
“Are they dead?”  I asked the air as I sat in the floor.  Overwhelming emptiness flooded through my body.  Not for the first time, I wished I had arrived home on time.  Then I would be dead with them.  Chapter 3



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