Chapter 4 (4) The Girl Within

closet with the rest of Chris’ old sports equipment?  I slowly moved along the wall trying not to make a sound.  My breathing sounded ragged and loud.  Surely they could hear me, I panicked.  I finally reached the closet door and tried to open it slowly.  It let out an alarmingly loud squeak.  Oh God, they had to have heard that.
I dove into the closet and rooted around for the bat.  My hand finally closed on something long and heavy.  I wasn’t sure what it was but it would have to do.
I opened my bedroom door and hugged the wall as I made my way down the stairs.  I gripped the heavy object in my hand.  The kitchen’s appliances gave an eerie blue glow over the entire downstairs.  I looked around frantically for the intruders.
Suddenly I felt my leg gripped and I screamed.  Then the hand pulled me and abruptly let go.  I yelled again as I realized I was falling down the rest of the stairs.  The last thing I remembered was the awful pain as my head struck the tile on the floor.
The wail of a siren finally roused me.  I looked up in confusion.  My mother was bent over me.  “Thank God!” she exclaimed.  Tears ran down her cheeks, “When I couldn’t get you to wake up, I thought you were dead.”
I tried to move but found I couldn’t.  “Just stay still,” my mother said, “the ambulance is here.”
“Someone was in the house,” I said.  Even to my ears, I could hear that my speech was slurred.  “They pushed me.”  Suddenly everything went black.
I groaned in pain.  Every part of my body was hurting.
“I think she’s coming around,” I heard a muffled voice say.
A bright light appeared and hurt my eyes.  “Turn that light off!”  I yelled.  I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in a hospital room.  My mother was standing in the corner as a nurse started to poke at me.
“How are you feeling, honey?” my mother asked as she crossed the room to stand beside my bed.
“Awful,” I said.  Then I remembered what happened.  “Did you call the police?  Someone broke in and pushed me down the stairs.”
My mother took my hand and stroked it, “Calm down, Liz.  I told the police what you said and they looked around.  As soon as the doctor says it’s okay, they want to talk to you.”
“I’ll talk to them, now,” I replied. ”

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