Chapter 4 The Girl Within

Chapter 4

“Why don’t you tell me what your day to day life was like before the incident?”
The incident.  That’s hardly how I would describe coming home to find my husband and son missing without a trace.  However, two nights of sleep without nightmares had returned some of my patience.  Dr. Trace, the thin doctor I had dismissed at first, had prescribed some sleeping pills and antidepressants.  I had been extremely hesitant to take either of the medications but had finally given in to my mother.  Surprisingly, they had both worked very well.  I was finally able to get some sleep without waking up screaming and the odd, frenzied, disjointed thoughts had slipped from me.  I felt slightly more like my normal self.  I doubted I could ever feel truly at peace again, though.  How could I when I was left bereft of the people I would have willingly given my own life for?  I struggled to suppress the feeling of anger as I looked at Dr. Miles.
She was a small, subdued figure with mousy brown hair and thick glasses that shuttered her eyes.  I wondered if she chose them purposely for that reason.  It was hard to judge her reaction when her eyes were veiled behind the impenetrable lenses.  Her face was a mask.  For a moment, I longed to lash out at her just to see if I could get a reaction.  What would she think of that?  I’d probably end up in a padded cell.  I smiled.
“You’ve found something funny about the question?”
The voice floated into my ears.  Hardly.  “No.”  I tried to think of a reasonable explanation why I would be smiling at all after what had just happened to me.  “The tag in my shirt tickled me.”
“Hmm,” she remarked.  “So your average day—” she prompted.
“My average day was completely boring-I don’t know why you would want to hear it.”  What I wouldn’t give though for a boring day now-a day to come home to find my son playing with his toys and my husband in the kitchen.
“You’ve thought of something troubling?” she asked.
I swallowed.  I didn’t want to talk about it.  “You asked about my average day,” I began.  She didn’t comment on my about-face but motioned with her hand for me to continue.
“I have my own shop which specializes in antiques and unusual pieces.  I had two clerks but I had to let one of them go so I’ve been putting in more hours at the store myself.”

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