Chapter 4 (3) The Girl Within

want to find them.”
“Of course,” she said.  I detected what I thought was a slight note of sympathy.  She glanced at her watch.  “That’s all we have time for today.  I’m altering your prescriptions slightly.”
“They seem to be working fine,” I countered.
She smiled, “I think a little adjustment will help.”
I didn’t argue with her and bent down to pick up my purse.  My mother was sitting in the waiting area.
“How did it go?” she whispered with a look of concern.
“Fine,” I said.  I wanted to tell her I thought Dr. Miles had the warmth of an iceberg and the personality of a boa constrictor but I saw the concern on her face and didn’t want to add to her worries.  If she thought Dr. Miles had helped me, she would feel better.
“Good,” she said with a sigh of relief.  “I’m glad you’re getting the help you need.”
I smiled back at her.
Later that night, I swallowed the new pills I’d been given and lay down in the bed.  It seemed enormous now without Chris and Daniel.  We’d started to let Daniel sleep with us against our better judgment but after several sleepless nights, we’d finally caved.  With Daniel snuggled up between the two of us, we could pat his back or hold his hand without getting up for the hundredth time.  I could still see the indention where Daniel had slept on his pillow.  I pulled it next to me, breathing in his scent.  A tear slipped over my cheek.  I tried not to wonder where he was in vain.  Were they taking care of him?  Was he being fed?  Was he shivering right now in fear?  I stopped trying to hold the tears in and let them fall.
I jerked awake suddenly, my body stiffening.  Breaking glass.  I thought I had heard breaking glass.  I took several shallow breaths as I tried to clear my head.  I must have finally fallen asleep from sheer exhaustion.  I looked around the pitch-black room in panic.  Had I been dreaming again?
I heard another cracking sound.  Someone was in the house.  I was not dreaming.  I gingerly felt around the nightstand until I found the cordless phone.  I picked it up and started to punch in 911.  It made an odd beeping sound and I realized it had been slightly off the hook and the battery was dead.  My heart thundered in my ears.  Think!  Was there anything in the bedroom I could defend myself with?  A bat.  Wasn’t there a bat in the back of the

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